Video Marketing: Putting You on the Tube

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Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Use Video Marketing

In previous blogs, I talked about why video is a choice medium for sharing your message and how video appeals to the senses and the masses in helping you build a sticky brand. That’s my perspective. I produce videos. Of course, I will continue to tout the benefits! 🙂

That said, I speak the truth. Video marketing is an integral part of building a brand. If you’re not utilizing it in your marketing mix, you should be.

So, why should you choose to earmark precious marketing dollars to video production and set up your own YouTube channel? For the answer to that question, I asked our existing customers. Though I heard various answers to this question, I found the answers boiled down to the following three key reasons and I hope they provide you with some ideas to help you grow your business through the power of video marketing.

# 1 “I have important things to tell people.”

Clients use video to communicate efficiently and effectively. When you have something really important to communicate, say it in a video. Whether it’s marketing video or a training program, video allows for a consistent message in an easily delivered format. Video also gives your message time to think before it speaks. The simple act of writing a script and crafting the precise language is a valuable exercise. The script requires one to hone and sharpen a message until it is clear and concise, and can be readily understood by its intended audience. Once the script copy is polished, matching the words with eloquent visuals will make that message come to life and, once in digital format, the master program ensures that message is delivered perfectly every time.

# 2 “I want to stand out from the crowd.”

Clients use video to differentiate their brand and capture attention. If you want to stand out in a forest, don’t wear camouflage. If you want to be found, wear something fluorescent. The same is true in marketing. Websites and brochures are often glossed over like the snail mail of yesteryear. You want your marketing messages to be seen, heard and evoke emotion not end up in the bottom of your recycle bin. Videos are more likely to be watched and shared. Use video to convey the unique properties of your brand and encourage consumers to choose you over your competitor. Those “unique properties” become the identifiers of your brand, allowing consumers to identify you without a second thought, aka brand awareness, and stand out from the crowd. Awareness is the first phase in the buying process, which can lead to brand loyalty and hopefully – provided you deliver on that message – a lifetime of happy customers (and their referrals).

# 3 “I want our company to have a prominent online presence.”

Clients use video to dominate the web. Video content is key to creating a prominent online presence. Video ranks higher in search results and is more likely to be consumed by your audience. Bottom line, you want your message where your consumers are – online. A video takes your messaging and makes it visual and shareable, which is appealing for our digital culture of consumers. It’s quick and convenient for your customers. Posting a video online can instantaneously reach a large number of customers and prospects with just a click. Plus video reveals powerful analytics. How long did the consumer watch? How many times was the video shared. Build in special tracking devices into the content and you can drill down even more valuable data that can sharpen your marketing efforts.

Now that we established the “why” from a businesses point of view, we can shed light on the ever looming “how” that turns theory into motion, literally. Check out my blog article titled, “5 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Build Your Brand.”

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Kristin A. Pelletier is an award-winning writer and executive producer with more than 20-years of experience in script-to-air television production and is the president of Blue Truck® Productions.

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