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Consider the Blue Crew an integral part of your marketing team.

At Blue Truck® Productions, we work as a natural extension to your existing agency or marketing and brand teams. Need an extra hand or two? Think of the Blue Crew. Don’t have a team? Now you do. Our turnkey, customized approach to video marketing and video production includes providing select resources to meet the unique project requirements and budgets of the individual clients we serve.

Whether your programming vision requires a full studio production or a one-day location shoot, our custom approach to organizing the production elements results in an efficient and cost-effective broadcast-quality program. By offering our services “ala carte” Blue Truck meets our clients at the appropriate project crossroads.

The Blue Crew™

The amazingly artistic team of production experts who contribute to the big picture.

Drawing from an international pool of some the world’s finest industry talent, each shoot is staffed with the best production gurus in the business according to the requirements of the specific project and location. The ancillary production team includes writers, producers, camera operators, sound and lighting specialists, make-up artists, grips, teleprompter operators, and the countless others needed to create supreme programming.

Introducing some of the imaginative ones behind-the-scenes.

Our Founder

Kristin Kauffmann is an award-winning writer and executive producer with more than 20 years of experience in script-to-air television writing and production.

Ms. Kauffmann is the founder of Blue Truck® Productions, Inc. a full-service production company that specializes in the writing and creative development of original screenplays, television programming and books, and offers customized marketing and video production services to corporations worldwide.

Prior to founding Blue Truck, Kristin was a principal partner at Jones & Rister, Inc. a full-service, boutique advertising and public relations agency. Kristin served as the creative director in the development, writing and production of multi-media marketing and advertising campaigns for medical, pharmaceutical and enterprise clients from around the world.

Over the span of her career, Ms. Kauffmann has written, directed and edited countless video programs for corporate and entertainment clients among a diverse group of industries including: healthcare, entertainment, financial, retail, legal and technology, among others.

A master visual storyteller with an endless source of creative energy, Kristin is a passionate and prolific writer with the unique ability to write across multiple genres and convey complex subjects in memorable and entertaining ways. Kristin is a published children’s author with an extensive writing portfolio that includes corporate content, original screenplays (drama and comedy), books (inspirational and poetry), original and spec television pilots (scripted and unscripted) and song lyrics.

Among the kudos for her work, Ms. Kauffmann received a Mayoral Proclamation for production of the A.W. Perry Museum Documentary and is the recipient of twelve Telly Awards for outstanding corporate productions.

A native Texan, Kristin now resides in South Florida and enjoys traveling around the world for business and leisure. Her hobbies include creative writing, boating, health and fitness, cooking, natural healing and yoga.

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